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How does it work

3 Easy Steps To Customized Eyewear

Step One

Personalize your eyewear using our built in customizer. Its never been easier to customize eyewear.

Step Two

Wait 5-7 days for us to apply the custom design, than deliver the order right to your door.

Step Three

Dress up your look with your eyewear intelligently designed to suit your style!

Frequently asked questions about 3D printing

Ranging from 3D technology, Delivery, materials and uses, to laser cutting technology.

3D printing is a digital manufacturing process that makes it possible to create a physical object from a 3D file. The object is formed by applying successive layers of solid materials. 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing as another term.
3D printing technologies build an object layer by layer to create the exact shape. In order to build the object you need a 3D file that contains accurate information about the geometry of the part. Then the information in this 3D file is sent to the 3D-printer that will build up the material matching the 3D file.
To color the polyamide, you submerge the 3D-print into a bath containing color pigment. This dyeing process is also known as pigmentation. This post production process usually takes about 1 working day to apply the color properly.
You can customize a lot of things before you place an order through our built in customizer: - Material Type (Natural Matte Finish or Premium Gloss Finish) - Choice of the final size of the object (46mm-62mm) - Choice of lens options from computer lenses to Zeiss uv-protected sun lenses.
After you place an order, its is 3D printed or laser cut according to your chosen specifications. It is then shipped directly to the address specified.
Depending on the specifications of your order, your 3d-print will ship from our partner factories in San Francisco, New York, France, or Belgium.

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